Garden Chalet Ensuite

The Garden Chalet Ensuites are situated in the cool, lush green tropical gardens.

Surrounded by native ifilele and kava trees the rooms have a verandah for viewing birds who are the true owners of the forest. If you are lucky you will get to see the rare “manumea” (tooth billed pigeon) of which was last seen in December of 2014. These rooms are perfect for the bird watcher or anyone wishing to experience Samoa’s pristine nature.

The rooms are a short walk to the public deck located over the water where a swim in the blue lagoon can be enjoyed. The rooms have a double bed and a single can be added as needed. Garden Chalet Ensuite also offers a private bathroom, shower with hot water, mini-fridge, ceiling fan, complimentary coffee and tea.


  • Lockable Chalet
  • Air Conditioning
  • Private Bathroom+Shower
  • Hot Water
  • Mini-Fridge
  • Tea and Coffee making facility
  • Fan upon request
  • Queen Size bed
  • Private Deck

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