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About Us

Lusia Brown

Lusia is the owner and founder of Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets. A native Samoan herself, Lusia is passionate about protecting her island home and its culture. Lusia’s mission to develop and support her island chalets originated many years ago when Lusia observed the stripping of native forests and vegetation across Samoa, especially in the regions close to its wharves and jetties, all in the name of development. As Salelologa Village transitioned into a busy port town with a diversity of local businesses, Lusia vowed to protect her slice of paradise from destruction by embracing the beauty of Samoa’s lush, natural ecosystem.

In her own words, Lusia says: “I had a mission to protect this piece of paradise. I did not think twice about not being able to save my mini forest… I just knew I had to do it!”

Hotel and Restaurant

Although Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets first opened in 2003, it began as a very small hideaway with just a few small garden chalets and an emphasis on embracing Samoa’s native landscape and preserving her environment. A few years later, with the help of a locally commissioned carpentry workforce, Lusia’s Lagoon added a traditional open-style Samoan “fale,” to house CC’s Restaurant and Bar, as well as several additional lagoon-side chalets, a honeymoon suite, and a spa. The emphasis at Lusia’s Lagoon became about embracing local resources and offering a diversity of accommodation choices which, today, range from “budget” options like Lusia’s original garden chalets to other more formal lagoon chalets with covered decks, or enclosed rooms within the Matthias Wing which include en-suite bathroom facilities and air conditioning. No matter your choice of accommodation on-site, however, Lusia’s Lagoon offers all guests ample space to enjoy a well-preserved slice of Samoa’s natural beauty. Indulge in the tranquility of our lagoon hideaway and retreat into our unique Savaiian escape!

CC’s Restaurant offers an array of simple, balanced and delicious meal choices made with local, sustainably sourced Samoan ingredients including: fresh-caught fish, coconuts and taro from family-owned plantations, tropical fruits and koko Samoa. Lusia’s Lagoon strives to support small local businesses by purchasing locally grown produce from small growers and always pays fair trade prices. Flavors from our kitchen incorporate freshly squeezed coconut cream, locally sourced chilies, ginger and turmeric to create our favorite staples. Enjoy items ranging from fresh fruits and veggies, to raw fish dishes like oka and poke, as well as more familiar favorites like grilled fish, sandwiches, and hot chips. CC’s Restaurant also offers a variety of protein choices including fish, chicken, pork or vegetarian options.

CC’s Bar offers a diversity of beverage choices including chilled cocktails, local beer, wine, sodas, water and coffee and espresso-based drinks. We encourage our guests to utilize our eco-friendly filtered water dispenser to refill their reusable water bottles in an effort to help us minimize our impact on Samoa’s natural beauty!