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Savaii Accommodation and Holiday Homes

Our accommodation options are suitable for all types of travelers visiting Savaii, Samoa.

We have a wide variety of ensuite rooms for those seeking comfort as well as accommodation for budget travelers. Your accommodation experience can be a thrilling one should you choose to stay in our over-the-water Lagoon Chalet Ensuites. Or, you may prefer the lush green environment of the Garden Ensuites.


For groups we recommend our Lagoon View Ensuites and Family Room which are located in the newest addition of the Matthais Wing. The VIP Ensuite Room that sits on the 3rd floor is perfect for those looking to feel as though they are on top of the world. If you are content with the basics of a bed and cool breeze then the Lagoon Chalets are perfect and you still get the thrill of staying over the beautiful blue lagoon.