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About Us

Why I chose to build Lusia's Lagoon Chalets in its present location

Lusia’s Lagoon Resort was officially opened in 2003. With the little cash I had saved up, I bought nails and plumbing and various other materials, and then started buying local timber. I learnt of a nice, friendly, self-taught carpenter from our village and managed to convince him to help me. With a few laborers, we went ahead and put together what I still call my Garden Chalets.

Along the way, my husband saw that I was really serious about building these chalets, so he assisted by commissioning part of our carpentry work force. With better and more materials, we built our traditional Samoan open building which is the home of CC’s Restaurant and Bar. A few years later, my husband assisted yet again, adding the Lagoon Chalets, then the Honeymoon Suite.

With the arrival of the 2007 South Pacific Games, our Government anticipated an influx of tourists. In preparation, we decided to build two Garden Ensuite Chalets. Shortly afterward, two Lagoon Ensuite Chalets were built. To enhance the visitors’ experience, we decided to offer a variety of guest accommodations. This allowed us to expand upon our bathroom sizes, romantic hideaways, and covered decks over looking our pristine Pacific lagoon. With the completion of our new Matthias Wing, Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets is complete… for now!

I enjoy watching our guests take advantage of our special environment, whether kayaking through the blue lagoon or sipping a cold cocktail at sunset. It is our pleasure to share our culture with you. We look forward to welcoming you into the Lusia’s Lagoon Family.

When was Lusia's first started?

I wanted to save and maintain this beautiful natural Ancient Samoan mini rainforest on the beautiful island of Savaii. I had a very strong desire and vision of sharing our Samoan nature and paradise with the rest of the world!

In existing cities and locations close to wharves and jetties like Salelologa, almost all of the forest and vegetation has been stripped bare to enable development to take place. To me, it seems such a waste to let this happen. Here in Samoa, and especially Savaii we are lucky that development is not happening in such a way that we need to strip bare our beloved nature to make way for new development.

From the beginning, I instantly discovered my love of nature, and it was clear to me that I should assist in any way possible to prevent destruction and to protect what nature I can within my reach here in Samoa. Thus, I had a mission: to protect this piece of paradise. I did not think twice about not being able to save my mini forest... I just had to do it!

-- Lusia Brown, Owner